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Isn’t it better nowadays?

It’s quite disconcerting for me when I tell someone about a recent social injustice aimed at people of African descent, after their gift of sympathy, they ask, “but aren’t things better nowadays?    Hmmm… Are things better for black people nowadays? Well shall we review that for a minute?


If by better… you mean better than being dragged from your home and made to work on plantations for foreign white skinned aggressive men who want you to harvest cotton and sugar cane to satiate their sweet tooth? And if you aren’t doing well enough or working hard enough or have the audacity to ask for pay for your hard labour, you get flogged, branded or killed? Having to endure this in exchange for your freedom and sanity then AND for hundreds of generations to come.  And while in the depths of your oppression you wish, hope and pray you could wake up looking like your oppressor so your troubles could be…be… poof! Gone. Well yes perhaps it’s a bit better than that.


Okay so if by better, you mean being “freed” from slavery and being allowed to live in the country to which you where sent, and told you were essentially an underclass because of your unchangeable race, unable to access anything that whites could, then I can see your point. Or if even within your race your “former oppressors” delineated strategically amongst you who would hold most power by means of a brown paper bag against your varying skin tones then…. Yes, perhaps it’s slightly better. No one holds a paper bag to your face anymore I guess!


If by better you mean, you can vote and we can go to school with the “supreme race” and there is a legal requirement to admit at least some ethnic minorities to colleges, universities and places of employment then yes, that’s better. Better than having to fight through crowds of angry white faces demanding that you get out of their country, beating you, spitting at you and other things vulgar when they are the ones who put you there in the first place (let that marinate). Yes, their racism is less savage these days. If by better you mean finally being able to integrate into society and being successful (for back then) in the media only to have white people observe and learn your style, steal it then make money off it? Yep, you know hound dog by Elvis Presley? The ORIGINAL was sung by Big Mama Thornton – an African American. While Elvis Presley STILL makes millions from that song in his grave, Big Mama Thornton received a cheque from the bank of ZILCH! Well… I guess at least now EVERYONE is protected by copyright ay!


If by better you mean… well I’m out of things that currently don’t still affect people of African descent today. Black people are still the highest ethnic representation in Black people are still given unfair trials in court. A recent example would be the case against George Zimmerman for the slaughter of a young African American, Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was acquitted because he and his highly paid lawyers claimed he shot at this innocent child because “he felt threatened”.  Whereas an African American, Marissa Alexander, was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot against a violent spouse and pleaded the same as Zimmerman (who shot to kill) – not guilty as she fired because she was threatened.


Black people are still underrepresented in all forms of media (I shall discuss this in more depth in my next post) and only represented alongside “the supreme race” so that equal ops is adhered to. Black people are still brutalised by the oppressor i.e. the treatment of black men by the police force. Black people are still underrepresented in the government or on senior level management positions in industry. We are saturating the blue collar level of work as well as the unemployed levels.


My gripe is not with races that don’t understand our never ending plight. My gripe is not even with the white people who stay true to their one goal -world domination. My gripe is with people of African descent who are too happy to ride off the successes of the civil rights movement and allow themselves to believe that racism is passé; that we have true equality to whites or even Asians. These injustices, from the outright in your face ones to the subtle stereotypes, generalisations and expectancies that people have of our race and that we have of ourselves, affect us and permeate key aspects of our lives. Not one black alive has can say they have never experienced racial injustice.


When did black people get so complacent and comfortable taking “what we can get” and being happy because civil rights leaders and those preceding them did the hard stuff for us? When they slaughtered these great leaders i.e. MLK and Malcom X I’m sure they died knowing their actions sure did pave the way for future generations of black people. But paving the way means continuing to build on the fight for true equality and not paving the way to ride on that and comfortably live life at the bottom of the food chain, thankful for the bones we are occasionally thrown.


So is it better today than it was before? If by better you mean living in a county where your leaders looked like you, made decisions based on the mutual benefits everyone LIKE you would get.  Where equality was true, authentic and you didn’t have to prove yourself day after day just because people have preconceived notions about people of your colour. Where education and teachings were world-class throughout and our influence filtered out to other growing civilisations at the time. Where the leaders hadn’t had their natural jewels and resources stripped and they continued to use this wisely for the benefit of the nation then I would say NO. It is NOT better than that!       black power

i love this series!!!

What a talented producer and cast!

Damn isnt “Fred” hot! I WOULD JUMP ON HIM!!!!!! HOT DAAAAMN

Don’t get too comfortable!!!!!

So a few of my friends (guys and girls) who are in relationships have been expressing dissatisfaction….. uh-oh!  Isn’t that a recipe for disaster!  Listening to them, there are some that definitely need to dash-weh their boyfriend/girlfriend… but there are some that are salvageable.

So what happens before people get together?? First there’s the flirting… those little eyes you make at each other… the shy smiles and the giggles.  Then there’s flirting incessantly, those full on innuendos, being overly concerned about their weekend, arranging get togethers with mutual friends JUST so you can flirt some more……………… And then come the courting phase.  So you go on you first date, heart rates are accelerated, palms are sweaty, you care that every detail of your outfit, hair and make-up …..and flirting is at its peak!! Awwwwww…. the honeymoon period, isn’t that nice, when they can do no wrong, you’re both soooo sweet to each other and everything is perfect and you’re on cloud nine…….. AND THENNN………… WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

You done got comfortable!  Usually the guy is the culprit, but I won’t be biased, girls do it too….  Girls are guilty of… forgetting to pretend to not be remotely excited when a HOT guy checks them out or attempts to chat them up. Yuuuup… thats about it! What are guys guilty of then??  When was the last time you told your girl you love them and actually meant it… for some of you, when was the last time you told your girl you love them FULL STOP. ! ! ! Some of ya’ll may say, “I buy her stuff maaaayn” or “I take her out” and say THAT’s how she knows you love her…. BULLSHIT!  I’ll tell you something -SHE DOESNT KNOW!! You could be a babysitter buying kids ice cream and taking them cinema or something…I know loads of babysitters that do that and DONT love those kids! Pah! Okay, so some guys may think, kissing their girl or giving them a likkle feel up conveys your affection… Let me ask you something, dyu only kiss your girl in some clandestine space like your bedroom or the car or a back alley or whatever?  THAT MAKES US FEEL CHEAP!

Cos you know when you start kissing in those places its gonna lead somewhere uhhh, sweaty? Lol……………………………KISS US IN PUBLIC! On the street, in a bar, in a shop, on the moon – whatever! It doesnt have to be a big dirty snog… just a cute kiss would make us feel special! Jeez louise!!  And not just a kiss, be affectionate – give her a hug, put your arm around her waist, SHOW HER what you feel for her (If anything! Lol).  Anyone with a bit of money can buy stuff – that doesn’t show jack shit! Come on guys!!!  BE A MAN!

Now some of my friends claim that their guys call them too much – every day at least every 2hours…  Okay, Imma be real – that’s WEIRD!  ——–>Life isnt THAT exciting unless ur like a spy kid or something! No one is going to have very much to say about life every 2hrs… chill init! On the flipside, some of my friends are saying that they don’t speak to their guys enough… maybe a bb message here and there or a txt about whatever. That’s okay but you can’t do that everyday with no phone calls! What is this!!!!!!??? MIX IT UP  a bit, so give them a call, skype them, facebook them! BE CREATIVE MAN!!! I don’t know about other girls but I have a short attention span and i’m probably a little impatient so I need FUN and excitement and new things otherwise I’M NOT HAPPY! LOL.

Take care of your bodies!!! Guys and girls!!!! Stereotypically, girls are a lot more conscious of their bodies cos the media controls our lives a little more than it does boys, but sometimes you know ur spreading and u ent doing nothing to combat it –  DONT reach 4 the donut, reach 4 the gym pass!!!! MOFO! Lol.  GUYYYYYS —–> Ya’ll have some fast metabolisms and are allowed a little more calories a day than girls right? THAT DONT MEAN U STUFF UR FACE WITH 10 KRISPY KREMES AND MCD’s 4 lunch! Wdf! Caaaaaalm down tho! And if you’re gonna eat like crap, at least go to a gym regularly or play a sport! Sweat for crying out loud!!!!! Do some weights, work those abdominals! Not only is it sexy when a guy is visibly trying to keep in shape, but its healthy – allow getting heart disease!  Nothing worse than a big gut at a young age….. at least pass 70 b4 u let urself go! Hehe!  Not to mention, lack of exercise and abundance of shit food screws up other aspects of the anatomy… yeeeeeee guys IT SCREWS THAT UP TOO- DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Leading nicely on… lets talk about SEX. J. Ooooeeer!  It takes two to tango…. or more if you get down like that. ;-). If you’re in a sexually active relationship, you NEED to keep things FRESH… yh your bodies too but i’m talking about your moves.  A girl likes a throwdown! If you always ‘make love’…..Be rough sometimes…. monotony in the bedroom is dead! DEAD! Lol. And vice versa… so if you’re a rough kinda lad and you fuck like a jackhammer and like you’re doing your old blow up doll then you need to switch it up and make lurrrrve! Lol. During 4play, SHARE people! No ONE and i mean NO ONE should feel like they’re giving all the pleasure and not receiving any.  If he’s kissing on your neck…. flip him over and kiss on his, and then some… if she’s caressing you – do the same and do it GOOD! No one likes a selfish lover!!!! And the bedroom should NOT feel like a power struggle! EVER….. Could say a lot more about this, but I don’t want to expose people! Lol.

Of course…the above are some optimistic simple things you can do to re-vamp your relationship.  There are some relationships that are irreversibly headed for the drain…. And if as a couple you can’t make changes to save it then DON’T long it out!!! Cut em loose…. HATE timewasters! Lol.  But for those of you that are past the honeymoon period and are bored thinking… whats the next move… a house…marriage… spawn? Ahaha!  STOOOOOOOOOP in your tracks… All you may need is a relationship revamp! Spice it up! Build up the passion and desire baby!!! It was there once – so find it!

And this is why I live4fantasy, cos all harry potter worried about was his first kiss with Cho and killing that dirty voldemort ting.

Until I  blog again

Fantasy. xxx

Ilive4fantasybecause – Blogging on Black people in the UK!!

Its late …its 1.45am and I have work at 10…. and I only have one previous blog post.  I keep saying that I’ll get round to blogging, but I recently heard something that confirms my thoughts for the past 7 years or so.   There’s a lot to say on this… so I’ll start with this issue and we’ll talk about the rest later.

The crucks of the matter

The world is getting pretty disgraceful.  There’s countless crap going on but what I want to talk about here is the Black community, especially in the UK.  There was a time i was SO proud to be black…. I loved everything about black history and black people in general but today – YOU DISGUST ME!!!!  Nah, I’m not talking about black on black crime…. I’ll address that later.  But out of all of the racial groups in the world, the black community are the most fragmented, disloyal and STUPID!  This borderline racist comment stems from knowledge that amongst groups of black men in the UK, black women (real black women – who wouldn’t pass the brown paper bag test… you know the ones not mixed with white, latino, Indian, Chinese, German, Norwegian, Eskimo or any other mix u wanna throw in there, just pure black women) are less than favoured.  Statements like “Dark skin girls are dead”, “Dark skin girls don’t do it” and any other bullshit that comes out of these niggers mouths.  Yeaaaaaa…. Pan-African girl done said the mutha-effin “N” WORD! !!!!! Thats what you are…. nothing more than a product of slavery if you’re coming out with statements like that depicting nothing more than a person ashamed of who they are, where they come from, what they and their family look like.  An enslaved mind. A nigger!!!   Might I add that mostly, its boys and “men” of this “colour” that are coming out with statements such as these…… let’s examine why shall we?


Let’s talk about the media for a hot second. Ha! The media…. where to start?  Lets start with music videos!!! MY FAAAAVE!  I haven’t watched music videos properly for about 5years.  That’s when I started to realise that all the songs I was feeling on the radio, songs by males in particular didn’t have any females in there that were any more black than half black…. Yet they were by fully black male artists. Hmmmm….. funny that.  So you’ve got this black guy singing his heart out in each successive video to some white woman…. or IF the producers were feeling particularly ethnic… then a mixed race woman.  Apart from J Cole’s work out vid, and Jason Derulo’s new video (things i’ve had to be told about, cos you know– I don’t watch music videos) when was the last time a black woman (chocolate-skinned woman) was the love interest in a music video???  Could say a lot more about this but maybe later. …. So let’s discuss adverts.  Did you know only 5% of TV ads in the UK feature people that aren’t white???????  So of those, even less feature black people.  Have you noticed that when the advert involves a family, the majority of the time, there is a black man either with a white woman or mixed race woman with a curly afro and blonde ends and their dual-heritage children??  The rare times when a black woman is represented, she’s usually amongst friends or with a white man.  Never do the media portray a black couple together in adverts.  Mind you, I can recall one so I’ll change that to ‘rarely’.  It’s a similar thing in films… but I watch so many they’re in a scrambled heap in my brain… so yeh.  My point is, whether you care to agree or not, the media controls to some extent how you think.  How else do you think companies and manufacturers get you to buy their goods?  The media tells you what ‘crep’ to buy, what to wear and how, what to eat and WHO TO DATE.  Ponder this.  Also ponder that they control what ads, shows, films and music videos are seen by you. …… But its not the main reason for what described above, there is no reason, only a multitude of things working to further fragment the black race.


I reckon the peer group is MAD significant in things like this.  Another reason why we don’t have as much free will as we think, we love to conform! Now black guys…. (I would call you brothers, but nowadays very few of you are worthy of that name) go look at a picture of your mother, I bet you think she’s gorgeous… if someone dared to call her ugly what would you do?  Someone would get a slap, punch or a shank (if ur a roadman) right?  Go look at ur sister…. ain’t she cute??? If ur boys called her buttaz cos she’s “dark skinned” what would you do….? Nah I’m really asking.  How many of you would be too scared to stand up to ur boys and tell them about them bumbarass selves?  More than you think, cos you done know you’ve looked at a girl on road that YOU thought was nice but for whatever reason your boys disagreed and you’ve gone along with it and changed your mind, making some excuse about having beer goggles on or shit in ur eyes or whatever.  ALLOW YOUR CONFORMITY! IF YOU THINK SHE’S NICE AND YOUR BOYS DONT, OH WELL – THEY AINT GONNA BE THE ONES HITTIN THAT! (Y).


If we take a trip back say more than 300 years ago during slavery.  Everyone knows what went down during that time, its needless to say.  But a little recap is house n*****s and field n******s(i blot it out now as I have respect for these people!).  As you may or may not know, house n*****s, who got to be slaves indoors were light-skinned and the field ones were not.  More relevantly check this out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Who thinks that has worked in keeping us divided??? I certainly do!  See people love to highlight differences between us as a people.  He’s tall, he’s short, he’s dark, he’s light, he’s brown, he’s green, she’s fat, she’s skinny, he’s weird,  she’s a bounty…. Ugh! So much conflict within you don’t notice what’s going on the outside… namely the forces working to keep us divided.  Look as Asians, look at Caucasians, look at Chinese, Japanese in fact look at every ethnic group apart from black people and notice that they all have something in common that we don’t…. UNITY DAMMIT!!! UNITY!!!! And at risk of sounding like a believer of conspiracy theories, people need to think deeper about their thoughts and why they’ve ended up where they are.  I can look at anyone, no matter what race or skin tone they are and acknowledge their beauty (if they are of course… lol) as can many people.  What is it about black guys that keep you so blinkered?  I’ve seen countless guys move to some dirty fat lighty wit rolls and B.O. and not even see her beautiful model-like black friend next to her. Phhhh.  Even last week I did see one short likkle black man (not bad looking so could’ve easily picked up a short female) grinding with one white woman who looked abt 10years his senior who was so large he couldn’t even fit his impish arms around her…. COME ON NOW!!!!!!!!!

The Bitching corner…

Can I just say that FOR THE RECORD just because your REEEEED, or ur mum is Caucasian and ur dad is black…. if doesnt automatically mean your peng…. decrease ur head sizes boys and girls… im sick of it!  Not even on a hating tip, making observations is what I do and some of ya’ll are sooooo GAAAASSSSSSSSEEEED need to sit down and mind how much gel ur using in ur headpiece before it catch a flame when you’re dancing to “who’s that lighty”!!  But for those of you that aren’t like this (and I have met some… some of whom are close friends) keep doing what ur doing!!!!

To conclude…

Now, to be crystal clear, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with black guys dating white ppl/mixed and black women dating white/mixed people (well, not really anyway)… you really can’t help who you fall for… but when you’re actively slandering, rejecting and dismissing women just because they are a certain skin tone that’s where the problem lies.  That purely because of her skin tone, you refuse to acknowledge or even open your eyes to her beauty and instead look for a particular skin colour and settle for it regardless of whether the person is even pretty or possesses a brain.  Can I just say….. I beg you look in the mirror.  Dyu hate yourself? Dyu hate what you see? Were you the one they called “blick” in school? And now you wanna counter that by only going for whites, mixed race and Asians! Scarred are we? AWWWW BOO HOO! FIX THE UFF UP and get therapy!!!!! I feel truly sorry for you, that you hate yourself so much that you reject the very thing that looks like the Ying to your Yang…..

And this my friends is why I live for fantasy…. because everyone is so darn nice there! Lol. Ilive4fantasy signing out @ 3.30!

ilive4fantasybecause begins her tale….

I write this blog as a lover of fantasy.  
I love all things fantasy, Harry Potter, 
Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Charmed, Dr Who, 
Sabrina (lol), Buffy... you name it, I love it! <3.  
I could talk/write about it for years.

I also write this blog as a citizen of the worldv(corny as it sounds).  

I think the world is amazing.  
God definitely knew what He was doing when 
He created it.  
It's beauty IS endless, the people, landscapes, 
artefacts, cultures, languages, religions etc.

On the flipside, numerous dark corners are 
ever lurking, and growing in every country,
city, street AND most worryingly in the 
mentality of its fellow citizens.
I care. It bothers me that such a beautiful 
place can also host such corruption!

....Tis why I live for fantasy.....
ilive4fantasybecause Good ALWAYS overcomes evil
ilive4fantasybecause there is ALWAYS a happy ending
ilive4fantasy because the underdog NEVER stays down
ilive4fantasybecause.... its just a WHOLE lot more fun!!!!

So read this somewhat politicalish/moany/crazy/babbling 
blog because .... Just because.
Thank you, Merci, Gracias